Not only a photographer…

Living in Milan, Italy since 1952…My love and passion for all aspects of life, my curiosity, and the search for my artistic identity have all permitted me to advance in the world of photography and to understand that the photographic machine is in fact my tool of communication.

I have worked and collaborated with private agencies, advertising companies and editorial houses; some amongst the most prominent and important in the Italian and International market(McCann Erickson, Nestlé, Rusconi Selezione of the Reader’s Digest, Coam, FCB, Lupattelli). During my professional career I have continually experimented with the sense of reality using the image and form of both the human figure in the world of fashion, and of objects in order to emphasize the wonder of geometry and colors existing in still life and food.

Having transformed my passion into my profession, traveling has become another instrument of research for me, in which I can collect and hunt my favorite subject of photography; glimpses of cities, churches, old remnant streets from medieval times etc…all symbols of nostalgia and time.